Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quick Getaway (Super Image Intensive)

Steph and I had a quick but refreshing getaway to Kuala Lumpur last weekend for some shopping, lots of bonding and just basically destressing. We both badly needed this trip as we had been under alot of stress and pressure from alot of things, so it was the perfect excuse for some R&R.

Me on the bus ride there, with zero makeup. I was sleeping most of the time so the five hour bus ride flew by pretty fast.

The coach made a quick stop at Yong Peng for us to stretch our legs and have a quick toilet break. While wandering around, we both spotted this amazing vintage Bentley for sale. It's almost perfect, just need alittle cosmetic touchups here and there

After bout an hour more of riding in the coach, we finally reached our hotel. We stayed at the Dorsett Regency, not exactly five-star with the limited facilities but comfortable nonetheless and the best part was being conveniently located near KL's Golden Triangle, so we could shop to our heart's content. After unpacking, we applied makeup, refreshed ourselves and got ready to head out.

White shirt: Uniqlo
Skinny jeggings: Uniqlo
Black heels: Charles & Keith
Bag: Longchamp
Necklace: borrowed from mom 

We quickly realised that the bathroom had the best lighting for camwhoring LOL

Had lunch at a random Japanese Restaurant at Pavillion, the sushi and vegetables were quite fresh

We wandered round a few malls and I really wanted to get my nails done, after checking out a few shops we settled on one shop at the top floor of Sungei Wang, a local mall with lots of cheap trendy clothes.  
Steph's nails are already pretty long and considering she'll be playing bass pretty soon, she didn't wanna waste money getting extensions done. But she did get this amazing nail art as she waited for my extensions to get done, sorry babe for making you wait >w<

I had extensions done before painting on the nail art. I showed my manicurist some Rienda/Rady prints and similar looking nail designs before settling on this particular design.  It cost me bout S$96, peanuts compared to the prices local nail salons charge for such good work

After getting our nails done I was feeling peckish so we went to Jalan Alor and stopped by an Egyptian food stall. I ordered a simple meal of warm pita bread with hummus, delicious, healthy yet filling. 

 On our way back we spotted this little road side stall with these cute home-made sponge mice toys, Steph bought a pink one for her cats, I regret not getting one now as I'd really like to see how my Dusky will react to it.

Before heading back to the hotel we popped by this Latin bar close to our hotel, Steph introduced me to cigars and I was curious enough to try one. It's almost like smoking a strong espresso, pleasant but non addictive I quite enjoyed it! 

We ended the night by using our room's wi-fi to the max! I was busy messaging my bf and checking out my phone apps like Facebook and Instagram while Steph surfed the net on her Macbook pro, guess we're too addicted to the Internet LOL!

The next day, we got up really early and had a light breakfast before heading to the hotel pool

The weather wasn't too hot and there was a constant breeze, the pool was also mostly empty with just a couple of kids splashing around. Perfect for us to catch some rays without burning to a crisp

Steph looking hawt in her red bikini and shorts

My bikini finally saw the light of day after god knows how many years, but I'm still not totally happy with my body. 3 weeks of non stop stress eating and not exercising has caused me to pack on some of the weight I had lost.

After catching some rays, we went back to our room to get changed and ready for another round of shopping

Maxi dress: random shop in Holland Village
white shirt: Uniqlo
black heels: Charles & Keith 

Styled my hair abit more then the day before, I also backcombed my crown abit to give it more volume

 Quick mirrorshot whilst shoe shopping!

 While shopping at Sungei Wang again, we went past a hair salon and spotted this picture of a girl who looked EXACTLY like Steph! We were laughing so hard about it! Maybe she's Steph's sister seperated at birth hahaha

For lunch, we went to The Ship a fabulous restaurant with great steak and seafood dishes! The outlet at Penang is particularly fun since the whole restaurant is housed within an actual ship!

 Shared this bowl of Indonesian Oxtail soup, spicy but sooo good! I love eating oxtail stew!

My Beef Stroganoff with buttered rice, a tad too much balsamic vinegar but still delicious. The portion was so huge that I couldn't finish it 

 Steph dug into her massive Seafood Platter, the crab looked really yummy! Of course, she couldn't finish her plate like me haha

We did alittle more shopping and even went to Berjaya Times Square where we did foot reflexology to rest our tired feet. it was Steph's first time doing foot reflexology so she was squealing and squirming quite abit, it was really hilarious!

 We went back to Qba for another round of cigars and I also got to catch up with an old friend, a photographer called Hexlord. It was great to meet up with him as I didn't have the chance to meet up on his last trip to Singapore.

I tried a Cosmopolitan which was incredibly sweet, Steph had a Strawberry Margarita which tasted alot better. Maybe I should just stick to Pina Coladas or Mojitos if I want something sweet

Had tacos for dinner, Steph's is tofu with chilli jam and mine was spiced beef

On our last morning, we ate till our heart's content at the hotel buffet breakfast, love the french pastries there. Then we went to Pavilion and did some last minute shopping before catching the coach home. We were lucky as we only experienced a mild traffic jam on the way back.

 I didn't shop as much as I expected and I regret not taking more pictures with Steph but it was a great trip and if things go according to plan, we might travel together once again next year.


  1. Wow,it looks like a great trip!
    The two of you look really beautiful also!

    1. Thanks, the trip was really fun and just what we needed