Thursday, August 30, 2012

International Cosplay Day Event

This post is alittle behind schedule as the event took place last Sunday, but honestly, I've been alittle tired mentally and I've also been making constant trips to the Bf's place as he completes a costume for me for this weekend's event.

The event wasn't as large as other events that are held at conventions and stuff,in fact, it was hosted in a school's event space but it was the perfect excuse for my friends to make use of the school's basketball courts and lockers as backgrounds for their cosplay of Kuroko no Basket, a basketball anime/manga that shows plenty of BL (Boy love). I just felt like cosplaying for abit as it's been nearly a month since I last did anything cosplay-related, so I used my easiest costume, which was my Persona 4 Rise costume. I was extremely flattered when a girl came up to me telling me I did a great job cosplaying Rise and she said I was pretty before snapping a quick picture of me and asking for my coscard. Alittle compliment goes a long way, I was cloud nine for the rest of the day!

The event was more like a gathering of sorts for me so naturally alot of camwhoring took place.

 With Selicia, oh how I envy her skinny figure and she has the perfect height and face to be either a very good looking guy or a sexy girl

 With darling Esther

 With Kanoe of the far left, Minichaos on the left and Kitska on the right

 Amazing photographer Rescend and he cosplayed in my previous FF Type-0 team too!

 With Blacklash, too bad she's changed out of her costume by the time we took this shot. She's the leader and driving force behind my FF Type-0 team and a real senior in the cosplay cirlce in Singapore. I'm still alittle shy around her as I feel like such a noob next to her

Walking around the event space, I found a couple of interesting things:

 A Dalek!!! Doctor Who cosplays in Singapore are extremely rare and I've only ever met a pair who has done it, so it was surprising to find this Dalek parked next to a stall

 This is a bike covered in multiple images of Sheryl Nome from the anime, Macross Frontier. The owner must be a die-hard fan

Surprisingly, the event did have a few foreign cosplayers and I saw a lady dressed as Penguin from DC Comics (I suspect she's cosplaying as Penguin's daughter though I may be wrong) and she even pulled along 2 penguin balloons as props! There was also a Joker cosplayer with her, not as good as the famous Harley's Joker but still pretty good nontheless and he gave me the Joker grin as he was being driven off after the event haha!

But the star for the day was famous American cosplayer, Yayahan! I was lucky enough to get to meet her though I didn't manage to chat with her or take a picture with her as she was talking to another cosplayer and I didn't wanna be rude, but I was lucky enough to get her card!

Yayahan's coscard, though my friend managed to get her limited edition card with her cosplaying Oruha from the CLAMP manga Clover. 

Though I didn't get to talk to her or snap a pic with her, she did sign her coscard for me!!! It's my first celebrity coscard as I didn't manage to get Reika's or Yuegene Faye's when they were in town. I'm just alittle sad I forgot to pass her my own coscard as she was signing this card. Yayahan, if you do ever read this post, I'm sorry if I was bit rude that we didn't exchange cards!! >.<  

Here's a fabulous picture of her taken by photographer Shiro Ang during the event. Can you imagine, she had the patterns on the suit specially printed for her! Talk about dedication, if I were in her shoes, I would have just gone with a PVC costume and be done with it

I also managed to bully Kenneth into taking some pictures of my cosplay during the event though I was mostly helping out Mini, Esther and Selicia with their shoot and trying to not get heatstroke in the mid day heat. But those pictures shall be posted only next time when they've been through some editing processes first.

On a side note, anyone going to STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention) this weekend? I'll be there one both days so look out for me! I'll be cosplaying Drossel von Flugel ( a white robot with shining blue eyes, so no one can see my face haha!!) and Zatanna from DC Comics (look for the black hair, red lips and magician's outfit with fishnets) during the weekend. If you happen to see me do say hi and just ask for my coscard, I'll make sure to have plenty to give out to people!