Sunday, September 9, 2012

Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention (STGCC) Event (Warning: Long & Image Intensive Post)

I am seriously behind on my posts again... ugh somebody help me! Been busy all week going to various job interviews though not much luck so far :( *sobs*

Today's post is gonna be about the recent (technically last week's) event, the Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention. Basically our local answer to Comic Con, so it's mostly Western comic based which is refreshing when compared to most events which are Japanese animation based. Oh crap, digressing, okay back to story, basically The bf and I had some problems with my robot costume, so we decided to push it back to a later date. I then decided to move up my Zatanna cosplay from day 2 to day 1 instead.

 The only picture I have of my Zatanna cosplay so far. Done by the fabulous photographer Nicholas Yoon, love his work ^^b

I was initially apprehensive about cosplaying Zatanna as I didn't expect that many people to recognise her. A cosplayer friend of mine suggested doing her specifically for STGCC event considering its western base and after much rushing about, a last minute desperate plea to a tailor to fix my horrible costume and pulling everything together at the last moment, I managed to get everything done. I was also incredibly surprised at the recpetion I got during the event! After changing and stuff, I was happily walking out of the cosplayer resting area only to be immediately stopped at the door by a photographer who recognised my cosplay instantly, after several pictures, I took a few steps and I heard a loud squeal and saw a cosplayer dressed as Supergirl rushing at my direction. The rest of the day was pretty much like that, every few steps I took, I was either stopped for a photograph or I heard people calling out "Zatanna" and gesturing at me.

I know it may sound weird but the entire experience was completely surreal for me, I had never experienced anything like it before and it was all the more surprising considering I was cosplaying a character that I had figured won't be recognised. I was proven wrong and it's really incredible to be called by my character's name especially when pretty much almost everybody in my local cosplay community knows each other by name. I was also lucky enough to meet up a group of DC comics cosplayers, and it was refreshing to see so many characters brought to life, there was an Oracle, a few different Robins like Jason Todd and Stephanie Brown etc. I also spotted a Doctor Who cosplayer walking around.  

 My friends Mini & Skrei also cosplayed Korra and Amon from the series, Avatar: Legend of Korra. I'm supposed to be their Asami but I haven't gotten anything ready yet T^T bad cosplayer!

 Much of the day was spent meeting up with friends & walking around. Here's a pic of Mini, Esther and I doing the "see no evil, speak no evil & hear no evil" pose LOL

 Camwhore with yet another friend, Lekorina. I love how my makeup looks in this pic.

Towards the end of day 1, we were changing out & preparing to leave only to get news that the celebrity cosplayers for the event, Touya Hibiki & Kousaka Yun, were having a small autograph & fan meet session. We ran out like crazy people shouting at others to get out of our way to quickly reach the small & discreet booth. There wasn't much of a queue as it wasn't publicised & I managed to get my hands on this:  

 A CD-ROM of Touya's cosplay pics & she autographed it for me!! *squeal*

 She was also nice enough to pose for this picture after signing my CD and I had enough brain cells left in my head to remember to pass to her my coscard. Doesn't she look amazing in her cosplay as Lelouch Lamperouge from the anime Code Geass?

After the madness of day one, we ended the night with dinner and took this picture of the "tattoo" we received during the event, LOL kidding, it's just the event stamp.

The next day, having missed the opportunity to take a picture together with Touya and Yun during day 1, Mini , Esther and I made sure to reach the event really early in order to get a head start on the queue. We reached the event space at like 11+ am? A miracle considering that's usually the time I start on my makeup at home before heading to the event. After a little miscommunication and having to stuff Esther into her big pouffy wedding dress, we got into the queue and I finally managed to get a picture with Touya and Yun:

 I tried my best to not look like a derpy fan girl but my ultra wide smile betrayed me. I also swear that my cosplay of Nanami Haruka of Uta Prince wasn't intentionally done to match Touya's cosplay of Tokiya Ichinose also from Uta Prince. Honest!!! Though it was really nice to hear Touya calling me Haruka-chan the moment she saw me in the queue *fans self*

Whilst walking around I spotted this pretty cool Iron Man cosplayer. It's even better considering he does somewhat resemble Tony Stark haha

 Spent most of day 2 being bridesmaid to the happy couple, Esther and Mini, who were cosplaying Gian and Bernardo from the BL game, Lucky Dog (yes, technically their characters are both guys, mind blowing I know). Amzing picture was taken by photographer Vaxzone who was practically nagging Mini to be "manlier" duing the entire shoot hahahaah

Here's a drawing of the sad reality behind the amazing picture, hahahaah!!! Esther had to bend her knees to be shorter then Mini & an assistant was holding her veil while the bf is further away holding Vaxzone's flash. I was on bag duty hence, not included in the picture hahaha.

During the event, I was actually approached by a blog reader of mine who recognised me! I'm still amazed that Mandy (I hope I got your name correct >.<) recognised me and I can truly confirm I'm not writing nonsensically to an imaginary audience.

This event has by far been one of the most fun I've ever had. The management were great and really respectful to us cosplaers unlike previous events, there were tons of amazing stuff being displayed & sold and most importantly, I got to meet all my dear friends there.

I'll try to get back to my old habit of posting once every four-five days or so but no promises as job hunting has been leaving me feeling drained emotionally, I'm also in abit of writer's block as I haven't been out much or dressed up so I apologize for my current boring blogging style. 


  1. hello!mandy here!
    i'm sure you have loads of readers out there, just that they would like to stay hidden ^^;;
    i'll try to spot you on afa again:)

    and all the best on your interviews!i'm sure you'd do fine:D

    1. Hi Mandy! It was really nice meeting you, wish I had spoken with you alittle longer X(

      Do find me at AFA, I'll definitely be there unless something crops up haha

  2. it's crazy all the gaming conventions that are not just in the USA. looks like you have fun

  3. lot of countries have events, I guess it's just not as publicised or as big as the ones in the USA :) and I definitely had fun