Friday, February 7, 2014

Teatime with Steph

Steph and I met up the day before to catch up, we also had high tea at Antoinette. We shared the afternoon special set, it wasn't cheap but having been there before, I knew that it would be well worth the price and I was right. They gave us 3 tiers worth of goodness, a mixture of sweet and savoury buttery pastries for the bottom, savouries for the middle and tiny sweets at the top that were packed with flavour. I left the place stuffed to the brim. 

It's hard to pick any favourites as they were all so so good!

Accompanied with tea to wash everything down. Mine was Porcelain Rose while Steph had Earl Gray

While we were there, these 2 ladies of leisure who were sitting at the table next to us, asked if they could take pictures with us. It was totally surprising and extremely flattering.

Dress: Jouetie
Garter leggings: DollsKill
Wig: Taobao
Floral headband: Taobao

Flower Princess and her super fashionably decked out bodyguard hahahahha

Been itching to wear my black lipstick out on a normal day. Its an Anna Sui Limited Edition that I had bought for cosplay ages ago. I also placed my blush right below my eyes and above my cheekbones.

Did some window shopping and I spotted a lipgloss that I will probably get next month. I did go home with these babies though:

Leather engineer boots from Payless to replace my previous pair that had crumbled away. Hoping it'll be as comfortable as my old pair so that I will be able to use it for travelling and stuff. 

Been focusing on work as I really wanna be converted to permanent staff soon, I do mess up occasionally but I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping they'll just give me a chance. If they do, I'll be able to save up for more cosplays and a trip to Japan. So praying really hard!