Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tangled Rapunzel Basic Makeup Tutorial

One of my favourite cosplays thus far has been Rapunzel from the animated movie, Tangled. Not only is she such as fun character to portray because of her spunkiness and sense of fun, the costume and wig are fairly easy to move around in too, just that the wig is bit heavy because of its length but its still manageable.

I'm gonna show how I did her makeup, but of course many others have their own methods of doing her makeup as its subjective to one's interpretation of the character. This is just my take on it.

Clean base here after concealer and foundations. If you want to know the exact products I used, just check out my earliest cosplay makeup post here, I haven't changed any of my products used, except for my loose powder and powder foundation to Majolica Majorca and Candydoll.
Brown eyebrows as shown in the movie. They are a gentle curve to reflect her soft, sweet nature instead of a high arch that's usually used for fiercer characters.

Brown and gold eyeshadows were used as well as double eyelid tape to enlarge my eyes. I chose these colours as they look the most natural and to me, she seems like a person very connected to nature and Earth, metaphorically speaking of course, not literally.  

Liquid eyeliner
Top lashes added and contouring was done.

End result. The makeup was fairly natural for cosplay makeup standards as she isn't a person who looks like she puts on makeup. I also drew white eyeliner on my lower waterline as there is an obvious white waterline on her eyes in the movie (I zoomed in 4 times just to see the details, LOL obsessed with details much). Lashes were more natural too. Most importantly, I used a peach blush and nude lipstick and gloss as those were the colours used for her skin tone.

Overall in effect on camera. As you can see, the result is fairly natural looking, especially the peach blush and nude lips, as was the intention. Photo by William Tjhin

I know this tutorial is fairly basic but I'm not really good with makeup tutorials, so these are just the low downs on the colours used. If you have a questions any thing, don't hesitate to comment or email me or something, I'm always willing to share whatever I can with others.