Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Hey guys! Wanna wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year!! Or Happy Lunar New Year!! 

Found this lovely art on Tumblr celebrating the year of the Horse. Couldn't trace the original source though :( 

Unfortunately, my favourite uncle from my dad's side passed away the week before, so I was pretty upset and mildly depressed as his passing really took me by surprise and hit me extremely hard. I also felt letdown by some of my closest friends so it took a toll on me emotionally. With the passing of a family member so close to the Lunar New Year, traditionally I'm not allowed to participate the festivities, so I couldn't go house visiting and stuff as superstition dictated that I may bring bad luck to the houses I visit. Felt kinda bummed out by the whole thing so I've been going out quite a fair bit to stop myself from wallowing in misery, so get ready for the barrage of outfit shots!

Went out with my mom and sis on the first day of the new year to watch the movie, Her. Quite interesting and I love Scarlett Johanssen's voice.
Lace Dress: Cotton On
Jacket: Jouetie
Bag: Nadia
Corsage (on bag): Katie
Platform sneakers: Taobao
Silver circle glasses: Taobao

Visited my uncle's place (bro of my passed on uncle so the superstition doesn't apply) and played with his cute dogs and met some aunts on my dad's side. They still gave me red packets despite the superstition saying I shouldn't ask for them as they used the loophole that they're giving it to me before I asked for them LOL.
Dress: Ehyphen Gallery X Amo
Necklace: Osewaya
Butterfly hair clip: Stall at Comic Fiesta 

Visited my maternal grandparents' graves and then explored a shopping mall with my parents in the evening. The beanie makes my hair look like those shaggy dos that emo kids adore.
My Little Pony Shirt: Stall at cosplay event
Polka dot shorts: Gift from Steph
Cardigan: Cotton On
Large Badge: Katie
Necklace: Taobao
Beanie: Maison Gilfy

Met the bf today for a date out. We explored a fairly new mall and then watched Robocop. The movie was alright, lots of action but I felt it could have been better. Ended the night with a Chili's ribs dinner while watching an ice hockey game happening at the ice rink right in front of the restaurant. I also wore red lips again after so long. I also tied my hair into tiny twin tails to kinda celebrate Twin Tails Day in Japan, though I'm a day late as the actual celebration day is on 2nd Feb because 02/02 looks like the side profile of a face with twin ponytails
Leopard Beret: Accessorize
Shirt: Candy Stripper
Shorts: Unif
Dolfie joints Stockings: Bought from friend
Badges on Beret: Free gifts from taobao
Necklace: borrowed from Mom

I'm lucky that my workplace has given me a week off to celebrate the New Year so besides catching up with family, the bf and friends, I'm hoping to clean up my pig sty of a room and also progress bait more on my 3D Maneuver Gear. If I do complete it, perhaps I'll post a instruction post on how I made mine, though there are plenty of DIY instructions on making your own 3D gears already out there on the net. I'll see how it goes I guess... till next time! Have a happy horse year!

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