Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gantz Photoshoot with Vampybitme

After the whole STGCC event, Vampybitme continued staying for a few extra days doing various shoots. I was lucky enough to assist in one shoot she did with local cosplayer Mintos. They both cosplayed Gantz, I haven't see the movie yet but I heard its pretty gd.

Rescend at work, setting up lights

Photog duty calls

Zander being one with the light stand

We switched locations and took some shots underneath this street lamp. The light and shadows made it look very dramatic.

Highlight of the evening was taking pictures with the Singapore city as the backdrop. Used a smoke machine to give the extra wow! factor.

Looking good!

Goofing off after the shoot

Thanks guys for letting me join the shoot.
We worked pretty hard late at night and into the morning to get the amazing night view of the Singapore cityscape as the backdrop for some of the photos. Vampybitme was really sweet and approachable and I still can't believe how down to earth and friendly she is!
I haven't done night shoots in forever as it screws up my body clock real bad, but the view was really worth it and suited Gantz so well.
Do keep a look out on Vampybitme's online profile as well as Mintos's for the resulting photos!