Monday, September 30, 2013

Uta Prince All Stars Shoot

I just came home from another shoot that I'm itching to write about, but I'm once again behind on posts. I apologise for the delay in posts again and I'm trying really hard to catch up, but a lot of things have been happening in my life recently. I will sit down and write bout it once I get the chance, but for now, I'm gonna talk about the recent Uta Prince shoot I did.

On the way to the photographer's apartment, brought my squishy Mameshiba along for company
After makeup and changing into costume and wearing my wig! We did the all-star version
With Tessie as smexy Ren

With Kitska, she's cosplaying super lovable Natsuki, and some random person photobombing with their hand... think its Tessie LOL
Esther as super cute Syo!! Ah! How to resist her cuteness! I mean his... uh you get my drift... XD
With Mini, she's cosing straight-laced Masato. Tessie photobombing in the background with a hilariously derpy face

Mameshiba became friends with Kitska's Wooser toy! LOL
Some of our props for the day. We ripped apart fake roses to get the petals, it was pretty good for stress relief hahah 
We did a lot of individual character shots as well as some concept ideas we had seen from illustrations and such. Midway through the shoot, Tessie, Kits and Mini changed to other Uta Prince characters.
Tessie transformed to Tokiya while Kits reappeared as Otoya!

Mini became Cecil once more. I think she looks really good as Cecil

Group camwhore after the entire shoot! Thanks a lot to our fantastic photographer William!
On the whole, the shoot was pretty laid back and fun. We're now trying to get a full team of Shining all Stars including the Senpais, so that we can do a huge group shoot in the future!
I'm still waiting for Esther and the rest to finish editing the pictures since my editing skills are pretty... umm... questionable hahaha, but in the mean time, have a look at these completed ones as a mini preview.

I've got plenty more posts to write about and since I will be having a little more spare time to do whatever I want for abit, it should allow me to update this blog more frequently soon. Just stick around and the next post will be up ASAP!