Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention (STGCC) Day 2

Finally getting down to blogging bout my second day at STGCC, sorry guys for the delay!

I cosplayed Azula from the series Avatar: The Last Airbender. She's a insane psychotic bitch but exceedingly cool at the same time. Unfortunately, I didn't pin down a portion of my costume, so most of the pictures are of me with the top part (I don't know what to call it, cowl perhaps?) having shifted to the side. But since the photographers put so much effort into the photos, I'd figure I'll just post them, since hiding the pictures due to my mistake would be totally unfair for them.

Felt old doing this pose, my knees kept cracking half way. Photo by Zhirong

Portrait by William, man I love this shot though my stupid top piece had moved again ugh.

I had previously seen a video of this cosplay group in America called Cosplay in a Box (check them out here and here) "fire" and "water" bending by using a ingenious method of swishing/ waving around cloth to create the idea of the moving element. You can check out their awesome video here

So I uh... okay lets be honest.. copied their idea of using the cloth. The bf helped to create better movement by wrapping the cloth round clear plastic rods and I ripped the cloth apart to create the illusion of flames as the cloth fluttered about in mid air.  

It does look pretty good in pics, photo again by Zhirong.

This picture was by Nic Yoon. Took awhile to get the positioning just right as I was madly twirling the cloth around.
I actually have 2 videos of me doing my "bending" but I think my movement is stiffer than the American cosplayers, luckily, Jo told me she'll teach me a few tricks involving Chinese dance, to create better movement and flow in the future.
Anyway, as with every event, there will always be camwhoring.

Steph accompanied me to the event Yay!!! Thanks a lot babe for helping me carry my stuff.

Managed to meet the amazing local cosplayer, Rainer Tachibana. I had heard and seen her creations plenty of times, so it was such joy to finally be able to meet her!

Kiellne and Natsu as Robin and Bat Girl

Bought some gifts for the bf., this one is a pikacu toy that reacts when u stroke its head. Really cute!

Played the lucky dip for Monster Hunter and managed to get this ceramic bowl! It's much larger then I expected.
Bought a few things for myself too!

Super smexy poster of Rivaille/Levi/Heichou, from the talented people behind Moonshine Studios

Pre-ordered Redjuice's art all (all 3 of them) and got the postcards in return. I bought one postcard, the one of the guy on it as Redjuice hardly draws guys
Because I preordered, I also got this lovely paperbag
After lugging my stuff around for 2 days, I finally managed to catch Hold of Redjuice at his booth and requested him to autograph the book. He seemed genuinely shocked when I asked for his autpgraph, LOL wonder why
Managed to meet Vampybit me with Steph this time! We gave to her a goodies bag filled with stuff, if you wanna know what, take a look at Steph's blog
Forgot to show these stuff the bf got for me the last time, so pasting the pic here haha
All the cosplay cards I got during the event
It was definitely more fun the second day as I could wander around freely in my flat heels. But I was bit sad that not many people recognised me and those that did, most said I looked too fierce and scary. Hmm, must have been the makeup.

Sadly, my favourite event only lasts 2 days, however I am looking forward to next year!! I've already confirmed who I'll be cosplaying for next year's STGCC, that's how much I love this event.