Sunday, April 8, 2012

Style: Fashion X-Treme 2012 S/S Collection

Being a bad blogger again due to the usual mountain of school work, but I shadn't bore you to tears with my usual tirade of apologies and excuses. So let's jump staright into today's topic, The Fashion X-treme 2012 event. It was an event held by Style Singapore magazine and featured the Spring/Summer clothes of brands, Aeropostale, dENIZEN, Dockers, Levis, New Look and T.M. Lewin.

My favourite event partner Jems got invites to the event, so I was his plus one! It was also my first ever outdoor fashion event, so it was pretty unique.

Garden concept for the event, there were even giant faux flowers and lollipops as decor.

Jems, my fashion bestie ever.

Didn't dress up much as I had classes earlier that day, this picture makes my limbs look so awkward :<

Maxi dress: Random shop in Holland Village

oversized knit top: Taobao

bracelet: Flea market find

To be honest, I can't remember which clothing goes with which brand any longer as the whole event started late so the models were rushing around trying to finish the event as quickly as possible. It also doesn't help that the same models were used for all the clothes from the different brands, so pardon me if I get the clothes mixed up. But I do know that I was utterly uninspired by Aeropostale's collection. It was too college-kid for me with the hoodies and denim skirts for girls and simple shorts and cargo shorts for guys so no pictures of their collection here. The rest were far more interesting and inspiring:

I suspect this guy came from the Dockers collection, it was an all male collection with alot of plaids, collared shirts with rolled up cuffs and just basically the dandy style all casualized. Very lovely casual style with abit of snazz to keep the look from being boring such as scarves tied around the neck to keep things interesting.

This lovely lady came from the dENIZEN collection. Love the bright yellow fading cropped top paired with the navy blue jeans. I won't wear this combination as it reminds me too much of my old school uniform, but it is a very relaxed, casual style that's perfect for shopping or just hanging out.

Guy's collection from dENIZEN. Love the quirky print on the tee and the purple cardigan tied around the waist to add a punch of colour. Little details do count towards the whole look.

dENIZEN again, I suspect. The bright red jeans add an interesting contrats to the acid wash denim top, and keeps the top from looking too 80's or 90's inspired.

My second favourite collection came from T.M. Lewin. Ironic since its a menswear company, but who can resist good looking guys who are so well-dressed? Quirky print on the shirt, a bow tie, bowler hat and fake glasses keep this look far from being boring.

The only male asian model for the evening. Also in T.M. Lewin's clothes, I haven't seen guys on the street wearing suspenders in such a long time, the well cut pants keep the look from being too school-boyish but retains its humorous charm at the same time.

Sorry for the extra heads in the picture but I really really like this model's outfit alot. The pop of orange against the grey really caught my attention. Having a model who reminds me of Jake Gyllenhal wear the outfit doesn't hurt the whole look too.

Favourite collection was no doubt from New Look. I loved everything from head to toe on the models, however, some of the outfits were painfully obvious that they were designed for stick-thin waifs and not chubbier hobbits like moi. So I'll just carry looking on in envy at the pretty clothes. Lots of lace, pastels and florals in the collection with all three done right in this combination.

Another lovely floral outfit with blue as the under-lying theme. Gorgeous hat and shoes, I need them in my wardrobe like right NOW!

A twist towards the end of the collection, with darker more rocker-esque inspried clothes in the colelction. Animal prints such as this snake skin print shorts and leopard print blouses were on display. Most of the models also had those half gloves on, a hint to a new trend perhaps?

The event was cute and chic and unique in its approach, however starting 1 1/2 hours late isn't fashionably late, its just downright late. However, it was still a fun experience.

I'll be finishing my exams soon enough, so once I'm done I'll hopefully be able to get on with my backlog of posts, I have a ton of reviews coming up!