Thursday, April 12, 2012

Going to the Dark Side

I finally fixed my hair round last week or so. I've been needing a hair dye done really badly but as always, time isn't my friend and being bogged down by so many things doesn't help. But I eventually managed to squeeze an appointment in.

Here's the last picture taken of my last hair colour:

I must admit I do miss it quite alot, I really love the pinkish tinge in the blonde. But all good things must come to an end.

With graduation and job hunting looming round the corner, I figured I'd might as well get used to to having a darker hair colour since I'm not very sure where I'll end up working at. My hairdresser told me my hair will still fade out due to my previous bleaching so to get a happy compromise, we ended up with like a ombre/gradient hair colour that seems to be trending.

Dyed the top part a dark brown but left the ends my old hair colour, that's why the blonde isn't that obvious

It's easier to see the gradual change in colour from the sides.

It actually took me a whole week to get used to looking at myself with much darker hair. I still give myself second glances in the mirror from time to time, but I'm getting used to my new look. I also love how my hair appears less damaged now. I can still feel the slight roughness of my hair and there are the occasional split ends as well as flyaways but my hair looks shinier and stronger then it has ever been for a long long time.

I'm just waiting to see the end result after multiple washes, though it seems that my hair can finally "absorb" colours now as it doesn't seem to fade out as much as before.