Monday, April 23, 2012

Uta Prince Shoot

It's been awhile since I've done any cosplay shoots as my team mates, photographer and I are constantly busy with either work or school. Even the pictures from quite a few shoots that I've done late last year are still being processed by my photographers, as they're too busy with work to get to them. 

My friends and I did this Uta Prince shoot last year around christmas and after the studio shoot, we changed out of our costumes into casual clothes and purposely headed to a mall to use their lovely christmas decor as backdrop for our pictures.  

 My friends Shiro and Tsubaki, who are cosplaying Ittoki Otoya and Tokiya Ichinose, I'm cosplaying Nanami Haruka.

 I love this mall's basement, they have alot of nice areas to shoot at and the guards are fairly relaxed about us shooting there.

 This picture is becoming my new cosplay card, so get it from me if you spot me during July's Cosfest event!

My favourite group shot of us.

There are many more pictures of the shoot from that day but these are my favourites! Haruka still isn't my favourite character as I find her rather weak in terms of character development and personality but its fun cosplaying her nonetheless.

Speaking of cosplay, I was just recruited into a massive team for the next event. The character is pretty cute and I get to prance around and act all cutesy and pretty as her, my only concern is her weapon, it's a mace that is crazily detailed. Luckily the Bf will be helping me with it, otherwise I'd probably wind up with a horrible quality prop that will probably fall apart in an instant.

I will be cosplaying by myself for day 2 of the event, so I'm wondering which of my characters should I do again? I'm mostly set on doing Alois Trancy again, but anyone got any suggestion to which character I should cosplay again?


  1. Woah, you look so beautiful!
    Would you like to include each other's blog in our blogroll/fav. blogs?

    1. Thank you! & sure, I'd like very much to exchange links!

  2. You all look amazing <3
    And I love casual cosplay shots! :D

    1. Thank you! I think casual cosplays r called closet cosplays by some right? Haha, I see that term flying around abit