Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Personal Outfit (Hunger Games)

The Bf and I finally caught a movie after so damn long! We watched The Huger Games and personally I was bit disappointed by it, alot of details were cut, everything felt quite compressed and rushed and the worst was the constant jerking of the cameras as they followed the characters around. I guess it was the best they could do with a smaller budget and considering there were alot of things in the book and there was only so much that could be fit within the movie's time frame.

I gotta applaud the casting director, the actors and actresses were truly like what I had envisioned when I was reading the book. Overall, I'm hoping for greater things from the second and third movie as their budgets will probably increase considering how well the movie seems to be doing in the box office!

Wore a really casual, comfortable outfit: 

 Scarf Hairband: Accesorize
Inner tank: Giordano
Outer loose top: Giordano
Jeans: Giordano (LOL!!! Only now have I realised my entire outfit consists of Giordano clothes)
Shoes: Pedder Red
Owl Necklace: Ebay
Bag: Louis Vuitton

I also finally got the chance to wear my full makeup after so long. I suspect I haven't worn fake lashes in nearly 2-3 weeks

My holidays have finally started though its only for like a couple of weeks, but hey, better then nothing right? Haven't planned much for the holidays though I may meet up with Esther who's finally on her school break too after suffering for so long. Esther, we must have our ramen date okays?

I'll also be getting an early birthday/Christmas gift from the Bf in the form of an Iphone. My current Iphone is getting all weird with the battery and often switches off claiming that there's low battery when it was showing at least 80++% of battery and I often need my external batteries to "jump start" the phone back on. It's seriously annoying!

With the holidays on, I may clear my backlog of review posts so look out for them! Till next time!

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