Friday, October 18, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Cosplay Photoshoot

Did a cosplay shoot for the incredibly popular series, Shingeki no Kyojin, also known as, Attack on Titan. Unfortunately, a lot of my stuff that I needed for the shoot were still incomplete or in the middle of the ocean on a ship, so I dug out what I had and made do. But I still think things went incredibly well as I had lots of help from a variety of people.

Cosplayed Annie, I'm very happy with the makeup I did for her that day, will do a tutorial in the future.

Towards evening, I changed and redid my makeup and became Crista or Historia, which ever name you're more used to.

Shinji kindly came down to help at the shoot at the last minute. Silly pic of him having fun while Mini poses for a picture. She's cosplaying as Levi/ Rivaille.

He also loaned me his amazing 3D Manoeuvring Gear as I wasn't able to make mine in time for the shoot. I have no idea what I was doing in this picture

Rescend doing what he does best

Posing with Esther, this pic came from her friend and helper, Jeremiah.

End of Shoot! And took this derpy picture with Rescend while we were waiting for dinner to be served. I hadn't removed my makeup when this pic was taken, hence the more intensive lashes.
Lots of love and help went into this shoot. I was starting to crack under the pressures of my job by then and was going nuts as I had the stress of the job combined with the stress of the shoot as a lot of things were incomplete. Luckily, a lot of people kindly helped me out with so many things that somehow everything magically worked out in the end. I'm bubbling with gratefulness to these people so I'm just gonna thank them all here:
Shinji: For loaning me the gears, suggesting an amazing location for the shoot, coming at the last moment to help out and doing pyrotechnics to create the smoky effects for the pictures.
Rescend: For being an amazing photographer and friend
Astellecia Skye: Loaning me the jacket that fit like a dream, skirting and straps
Esther: Being an encouraging friend, giving me the boots that I needed, loaning me a wig and  giving advice whenever needed
Mini: Helping to give the base layout for the 3D gears and straps
Selicia: Helping me to go shopping for the materials needed for the gears and suggestions for improvement
Jeremiah: Assisting in the shoot, offering suggestions for the pictures and posing and giving me the opportunity to be in your book
If you read all that, yes, Esther, Mini, Selicia and my Shingeki cosplay pictures will be published in a book produced by the talented people behind Collateral Damage Studios. It is a compilation of works including fanart centred around the Shingeki series and will be sold at the upcoming AFA event. The book is printed and shipped from USA and a cute keychain is sold together with it, so you can expect really good quality work. So please support and purchase one, thanks!!

To encourage you further, here's a sneak preview of one of the shots from the photoshoot. Its Rescend's and my personal favourite out of all the shots taken that day. This picture is completely unedited so pardon my chubby tummy, minor details will be edited in such as changing the logo to the Military version. But on the whole, it is a beautiful picture and I'm in awe that Rescend captured such an incredible shot that day.


  1. Annie!! *gross whale sobbing* Sorry I just really like Annie haha. Great job with the cosplay, you look great! ^^

    1. I understand, Annie is one of my favourite characters, that's why I really wanted to cosplay her! Glad you liked the cosplay