Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Haircut, New Beginnings

If you haven't seen my Instagram yet, I chopped my hair short a few weeks back. There isn't much reason why I did it, I was just mostly frustrated with life in a lot of things, cosplay, friends, work, and just life in general. So I felt an overwhelming urge to change something, anything, at that instant. So I figured the easiest way was to simply cut my hair short as I had been having long hair for over 5 years now. I figured a new look would help my waning self-esteem and confidence and also see myself in a different perspective so that I could learn to love myself all over again.

I researched abit on some styles I wanted, took the pictures to the salon and just told the hairdresser to snip away. Naturally, he was abit hesitant at the drastic change, but after I told him I had set my mind on it, he just did it.
Last picture of me with my hair nicely styled with abit of volume and wave to it

After snipping, I was left with this hair style.

I chose to perm my hair as I was worried I would be too lazy to style it on certain days.

End result. Kinda like a mushroom but I like it

Steph sweetly came and accompanied me through the process, she also saved me from starvation and thirst by helping to get some snacks and a bottle of green tea. Thanks a lot bestie! She looks like she's either leaning on an invisible pole here or, playing hide and seek with the camera haha.
Outift consisted of:
Lauduree X Uniqlo Shirt
Pleated skirt: Snidel
Belt: Can't remember
Jacket: Forever 21
Satchel: Taobao
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

Camwhore with Lovely Steph
After that, we had an early dinner at Dulcet & Studio.

Laughed at the Adult Cake name, we learned shortly after that it had abit of alcohol in it, hence the name.
I had the Beef Stroganoff pasta. It was heavenly, the pasta was handmade and slightly chewy, the thin beef slices was meaty but didn't over power the texture of the pasta and the bell peppers gave a slight crunch to the dish.  

Steph had the Salmon with Special Sauce. Sje said it was good too and seemed to enjoy the extra roe that they placed in the sauce

We shared this light but flavourful chocolate marble cake after our fantastic main courses. The cake was spongy and light but the chocolate icing gave it just the right hint of sweetness without being overwhelmingly sweet.
After I got home, I was randomly surfing the internet about Shingeki stuffs when I suddenly realised that my hair looked similar to this minor character called Hitch! 

Pics to compare haha
Her hair is longer but has the same wavy texture as my current hair. A few of my friends actually asked me to bleach my hair ashy gray-brown after I showed them this picture so that I could just cosplay her hahaha! 


  1. Very cute!! ..... Off topic that cake looks delicious!!! *drools*

  2. Awww your new hair looks so cute! And all that cake looks so delicious! *w* Your outfit looks really nice too! x

    1. Thanks so much! The cake was great, not too sweet but just nice

  3. super cute <3