Thursday, August 15, 2013

Style Icon: Emilia of Pastelbat

Tody's style icon is non other then Swedish girl, Emilia. I don't follow her much, other then Instagram, but her outfits, hair and makeup always blow me away.

Beautiful hair colour, that was her natural hair by the way, and perfect makeup

Judging from most of the background of her photos of her outfits, I suspect she's a fashion design student, though I may be wrong. Her casual coordinates are also very cute

Another darker, simpler outfit from her, everything she wears is spot on perfect

What drew me to her Instagram was her fabulous cult party outfits, she manages to balance everything just right and despite the shorter hemlines and gathered waist, she hasn't lost the feel and look of a cult party style outfit

Another cute outfit from her, she also wears a variety of wigs to suit her styles. I'm amazed how well she pairs them with her outfits.

I first fell in love with the soft sweet cult party styles she had, but her darker, spunkier outfits proved she wasn't a one trick pony. Everything just looks meticulously thought out beforehand, no accessory ever looks out of place or that there's something lacking in her outfits. This girl has an eye for details.

You can find her at:
Instagram: @pastelbat
Online shop:

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