Monday, August 12, 2013

Jormungand Cosplay Shoot

Thanks to the long weekend last week, I was finally able to get a photo shoot, which I had been planning for the longest time, done. It was for the series Jormungand, and I cosplayed the protagonist, Koko Hekmartyer, who's little bit insane but always calm-headed and very cool.I had also managed to rope in Selicia to cosplay her brother, Kasper Hekmartyer and with the help of friends, we managed to get an awesome shoot done.

I was lucky enough to have friends who gave me suggestions for locations and after discussing with the photographer, Rescend, we settled on an abandoned building to give it that slightly war-torn kind of a feeling to our pictures. I also managed to ask another friend, Joshua, to loan us his car to not only get to the location but to also use it as a prop.

Esther managed to take plenty of behind-the-scenes pictures, so here they are:

Concept shot of Selicia and I. Will explain the reason for our poses when I get the actual pictures next time.

We were busy exploring the location and found these cool, but kind of scary exposed lift shafts
Selicia looking bishie as hell when we were busy shooting in the car

No shoot goes by without a picture of the amazing team that made it happen. There's Selicia on the left, Joshua, Mini, Panda-kun is Esther and Rescend with his famous 8D pose LOL
Final picture with my lovely "brother" who had to ruin her bishie-ness with the silly skeleton hand clip hahahah. Thanks a lot for partnering up with me for the shoot.

Rescend was extremely fast and by the next day, he had sent me this picture of him editing the lighting and stuff. I'm getting impatient to wait for him to send me the awesome photos.

Shot taken from his camera for one of my favourite shots that day and the one that took the most work. Gotta thank Joshua and Mini for repeatedly throwing the papers all around to create the fabulous effect.

Last but not least, one must never leave a shoot without Selicia doing something funny. In this case, a plastic comb left in her wig and she failed to notice it till everyone was laughing and pointing at her.
This shoot was a lot of firsts for me, it was the first time I had ever done a shoot in an abandoned building, which isn't easy when the entire area is caked with dust, broken glass, dangling wires and lots of debris on the floors. It's also a lot harder when you're all dressed in white and need to move around while praying that you don't get a grey/black patch on your clothes. It was also the first time I had ever taken pictures in a car, as a few photographers weren't as keen on the idea when I brought it up,  and the first time I've ever worked with Rescend on a more personal basis. I also had to do my makeup completely differently as I had to make myself as fair as possible (Koko's skin tone is literally white) and I also used white lashes for the first time ever.
Overall, it was definitely a learning experience and I'm glad everything went smoothly. Now I'll just go back to pestering Rescend for the pictures hehehehe.
On a side note, I may do a quick tutorial on how I did Koko's makeup. Quick as in very basic as I forgot to take as many pictures as I ought to and I did fairly basic makeup for most of it to be honest. I'll try to write up the post when I can catch some free time.

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