Friday, May 21, 2010

Andrea Boccelli Concert

The view from my spot, despite it being so packed, there was enough space for every inidividual to have some personal space and no one was blocking anyone's view of the screen.

A great many things have happened since the last time I blogged, one of which was having the opportunity to actually watch Andrea Boccelli perform "live".

The sad thing was that I could only watch his performance via huge screens whilst sitting down on wet grass as the performance area was reserved for the VIPs and such. But hey, since its free and technically he was performing as I watching, it wasn't too bad.

The organisation that brought him in was also pretty considerate, I was simply expecting some people to shove us into the allocated areas in front of the screens, but they actually provided us with goodie bags loaded with useful things such as bottled water, snacks and even a mosquito repellant patch, which was a great lifesaver.

Despite, the heat, humidity, soggy wet grass and such, I was glad to have been able to watch the performance. All the more so when they announced that it was the last Asian performance that Andrea Boccelli was ever gonna have.

It was one unforgettable night....

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