Friday, May 21, 2010


Walking into the auditorium to be seated and await my turn to receive my certificate...
One of the better photos with my friends, as you can see, I'm probably the one with the lightest hair colour amongst my peers, you could probably pick me out amongst the crowd simply from it.
Another major event that happened in my life is that I have finally graduated from Polytechnic!

I attended my graduation ceremony and it was a pretty short and simple affair. I was actually expecting more from it, but oh well....
Now I just have to plan out what to do from here on...


  1. it was boring and long right? but then again there is not many students in ur diploma? finally join the graduate club ^^ BTW i am coming back on 22 June ^^
    let's hang out soon k!!

  2. Yay!!! I maybe wrking then though... :( but I'll definitely try to ask for off

  3. Congratulations on the graduations^^ That is so exciting, and you looked very lovely in the robe.

  4. @ さらまり - Thanks!!! You seem to be having so much fun at ur Japan trip! I wanna be in ur shoes!!