Monday, May 10, 2010

Personal outfit 26

My outfit that night (pardon my super messy room, I forgot to photograph my outfit that night and ended up doing so only after getting home):
Denim dress: Series
Scarf used as belt: borrowed from mom
Pearl necklace: borrowed from mom
Nine West brown suede bag: gift from mom's friend
White rose ring: Topshop
Was inspired by Kimicky's outfit in last month's Popteen, unfortunately the belt place alot of emphasis on my boobs and not in a good way...

Last week, I spent an evening with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday. We went to this Japanese restaurant which had been raved about by plenty of magazines and newspaper articles, but I personally didn't find much hoo-haa to rave about. The food was decent, the service was fine but the price was bit too high for having decent and fine service and food. I doubt I'll ever set foot in that restaurant again.

We also watched Iron Man 2 later in the night and was it just me but did Scarlet Johnhanssen lose weight? She looked really hot in the film and my eyes kept fixating themselves on her, to that point where I got annoyed whenever Gwyneth Paltrow got any air time.

Anyway, despite Dollywink coming to Singapore soon, I cracked and bought the lower lashes online. I would have bought the upper lashes too if it weren't for the fact that they were completely sold out by the time I got online. I also bought a pair of Candy Magic Barbie King brown lenses, I'm hoping they'll be as good if not better then my current Max Pure browns.

Argh been shopping online too much lately, and now I feel the urge to shop for clothes and shoes too! But my priority is to get a nice graduation ceremony outfit, the rule is to get "formal" aka office appropriate wear so its really trickey... any ideas?


  1. Oh your outfit is very lovely, you did a great job recreating the popteen look. Scarves are so in style in the magazines, but I haven't seen many girls wearing them around here on the streets.

  2. @ さらまり- Thanks alot! Really? Scarves don't appear popular in the streets? What about can-can hats? I rememebred an article where the photogrpahers like snapped over 30 girls wearin them on the streets and many more shops selling them.

    @ josephine - Haha,my main problem is that I'll be wearing a really awful robe over my outfit, think like super huge harry potter robe? Plus my eczema is still being persistent so I may end up wearin pants instead

  3. oh, i know what you mean. try to skip the pants if you can! the huge robe + long pants made me look short on my business school graduation :(

  4. @ josephine - too bad, I dont have a pencil skirt and no time to shop for one. I'm working straight till the day of my graduation. So no choice... :(