Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snip Snip!

Sometimes I get utterly terrible days plagued with terrible situations, and sometimes, I randomly get the most amazing luck to counter-balance the bad.

I was having a rough day at work when I decided to meet the Bf on a whim, was browsing at the nearby Kinokuniya shop when I was spotted by Tomoko. That was how I became an accidental hair model/ willing victim for Tomoko to practise her hairdressing skills on. It was only much later did I realise she worked for the amazing hair salon, Kizuki+LIM.

After letting her go wild on my hair, I walked out feeling happier than most other salons I've been to, and with great hair that has lasted. Unfortunately, I didn't take many pics of the place, and though I wasn't asked to review the salon, I enjoyed myself so much that I just gotta write about it!  

I got lost finding the salon, but that's probably because I hardly ever explore Raffles Hotel without good reason
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Super cool architecture! Different areas of the salon were separated by these geometric shaped "walls"/ pathways
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Their reception counter and the place where they stowed my bag before my haircut
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Their washing area with super comfortable automated reclining seats. It's really great for me as due to my short stature, I usually end up shuffling myself awkwardly on those flat chairs for my head to reach the sink. With these chairs, I no longer need to look like a earthworm on drugs and am able to maintain my dignity
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The area where I got my hair cut and styled. The chairs are movable and so is the wall, allowing the staff to play around with the floor space depending on their clients
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Waiting for my haircut! As you can see, my hair looked rather heavy and old-fashioned with the thick, grown out perm.

Haircut after I reached home and being pummelled by strong winds. Still looked good!

Managed to take a pic with the lovely Tomoko! Thank you so much for the haircut!

My hair has remained rather low maintenance and looks good styled or not and even looks decent if I go to bed with my hair still wet from my shower. People have been complimenting my haircut and even the Bf says it looks good, which is rare since he hardly mentions much bout my hairstyles. 

Will definitely return, as a paying customer the next time. 

On a side note, I left my last job. Things weren't working out so I'm looking for another. It sucks quite abit and I'm hoping my next job will work out, but at least the experience has helped me open potential new career options. Lets see how things go in the future I guess.


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    1. Apologies for the late reply. I'm honoured that you're keen to publish and excerpt of my blog post, please go ahead as long as due credit is given. Thank you!