Saturday, March 15, 2014

Party, Concert, Shopping & Valentine's Day

February has been a busy month for me, so I haven't been able to update this blog much. Nearly every weekend was packed with stuff so I have compiled them into this quick post. Will have a more updated post soon.

Went window shopping with my mom and ended up walking away with a pair of Vivenne Westwood shoes that were on sale. Hmm....
Striped top: Can't remember
Skirt: Lowry's Farm
Scarf: The Body Shop
Satchel: Taobao
Boots: Payless

Attended Daisy's 21st birthday party. Spent the entire night clubbing then chilling in the cramped hotel hotel room while gossiping and waiting till morning to grab some amazing Tim Sum. Really fun night with some great guy friends.

Attempted to straighten my permed locks to see how long my hair had grown out. I liked the semi-wavy look that resulted.
Outfit: Top: Lip Service
Jeans: Uniqlo
Heels: Bought in KL
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

Picture of the people at the party. Really fun night though I think I'm getting bit old for clubbing.

Attended the amazing Spirited Away - The Music of Joe Hisaishi concert. His music always stirs memories of childhood dreams, innocence and feelings of gentleness. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra did an excellent job of performing his music. 

Lots of friends attended the event, but most of us bought our tickets separately, so many of them were dotted all around the concert hall. Luckily I bought a bunch of tickets for some people, so we could sit altogether. Also brought my two little Jiji toys and Tessie brought her Calcifer toy.

I wore a somewhat jumbled together "cosplay" version of Kiki, or at least, how I think her wardrobe will look like when she's older. 
Tunic: Marks & Spencer (linen & cotton mix with a weaved design on the front and brass coloured buttons)
White Jeans: Uniqlo (a more modest, grown up version of her white shorts)
Satchel : Taobao (a structured version of her bag)
Red heels: Salvatore Ferragamo (I actually doubt she's the kind who will wear heels unless compelled to, but I don't have red ballet flats and my shorter, round toed heels need reheeling, so these pumps had to do)
Ribbon Hairband: Taobao (her signature ribbon hairband in better quality materials)

Celebrated Valentine's day with the Bf with a sweet date. We had lunch at this lovely, french inspired restaurant called Poulet before watching The Lego Movie. Cute and inspiring movie with some serious animation with the use of lego bricks.

Black lace bustier: H&M
Tulle skirt: Forever21
Jacket: Jouetie
Beret: Acessorize
Socks: Cosmode
Pink studded garter: Creepyeha
Necklace: Osewaya

Some stuff happened recently in my life, so I'll be sorting them out for abit. I will definitely update as soonas I can while I sort these issues out. So apologies for the late post again, hope you guys understand.