Thursday, November 13, 2014

Slowing Down

I wish I could I say I was busy, hence the lack of posts. I really do, but reality doesn't quite come close. I'm working at a vinyl shop now on minimal wage and it has been a fulfilling time to indulge in some free time, get back to what I like and generally take things step by step. I haven't felt peaceful in a long time, but things are rearing its ugly head again. 

Minimal wage means minimal spending and I can't afford luxury and even had to cut down some things I wouldn't have blinked twice on spending on previously. And as much as I had hoped I would get bumped up to a full time post at work, things aren't looking up, so it probably means I need to look for a job that pays much better. Being an adult means having to fork out money on alot more things and I still really wanna go to Japan next year.

I have't felt creative in awhile and even my cosplays are slowing down due to the shortage of funds, so I guess it's just time to get back to real life and start the hamster wheel of working at a regular job once again. 

I'll update soon, heck I've got alot of posts I've been wanting to post up, so just be patient and gimme some time to clear them kays?

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