Thursday, February 23, 2012

Personal Outfits (Busy Little Bee)

I just realised that ever since January, I haven't actually done a single outfit post for this month. It's abit difficult when I am mostly at home trying to finish up assignments and stuff related to cosplay, the only times I do venture out are only for walking my furry Dusky, school and meeting the bf.

Lack of time, places to go and stress has also robbed me of any creativity to dress up, I more or less have a uniform of a few tried and tested outfits before flying out the door. I also haven't updated my wardrobe for the longest time, since cosplay has burned a rather large hole in my pocket. However, I did manage to try and dress up at least twice this month:

Outfit when I was out with my family and the bf to check out a paint and photography exhibition at the museum. I finally saw a painting in real life from my favourite artist, Van Gogh. Too bad that it was a less well-known Starry Sky painting, but at least I managed to check out some Monet and Gaugin works too.

Jacket: Forever21

Flared Jeans: River Island

Clogs: Pedder Red

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Ring: borrowed from mom

I think this is the last time I did full-on gyaru style makeup and curled my hair for the month. I loved my hair when it washed out to this shade.

This was technically a school day outfit, but I felt like dressing up alittle more that day whilst remaining comfortable at the same time. So accessories made the outfit that much more fun, not very gyaru influenced, more like model backstage kindda look. I also took the opportunity to break in the pair of shoes that was my Valentine's day gift

Cashmere knit top: Uniqlo (super comfy & soft, another Valentine's day gift from the bf)

Black jeggings: Uniqlo (my favourite shop for basics)

Gold watch: Guess

Collar Necklace: Can't remember

Shoes: Gripz

Simple makeup for school, I love spamming on my peach blusher for school. The collar necklace was actually done by a British designer, but for the life of me, I can't remember her name or the name of the shop she had on Etsy. However, last I checked, her Etsy shop had disappeared, which is a real shame since I really wanted to purchase her other designs. FYI, it's actually a collar design printed on hard plastic

I'm trying to pack up my stuff for the cosplay event this coming weekend. However, the stupid lens seller hasn't sent out my lenses yet, which is pissing me off big time! I need my red and pink lenses ASAP!!!! Ugh, I just pray it gets delivered on time...


  1. Oh lovely as always! SImple outfits can be best!

    Love your hair dear xx

  2. That collar necklace is really cool! I am really into handmade jewelry lately ♥ You look lovely like Emy said though, & I totally agree about simple, ready-to-wear outfits being best!

    1. T____T I really really wish I rememebred the designer's name, her stuff were fabulous. And I love ur jewellry!! Rock those fabulous chunky jewellry!!!