Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lens Review: Kimchi Bambi Green Lens

I had received my beautiful Kimchi Bambi Green lensesfrom Lens Village awhile back but had been far too busy to get down to reviewing it. I picked this lens for its vibrant green colour as I needed green lenses for cosplay but wanted something not too crazy obvious for regular wear as well. This pair of lenses fit the bill!

 My lovely lenses snuggly packed in layers of bubble wrap inside this useful box from Lens Village

 I like it when the brand clearly displays itself on the lens packaging, some brands have other names printed on the label which makes me incredibly suspicious of its source

 Lens Village  also kindly gave a matching pair of green froggy lens cases to store my lenses. I remember my friends poking fun at my animal lens cases when I brought them to the chalet last Cosfest

 The lovely lenses, as you can see there's a yellow/gold inner rim followed by the green colour and finally a black outer rim with pointy designs

 The obligatory one lens in, one lens out picture. You can clearly see how much of an enlargement the 16mm lens produces

 Both lenses in with minimal sunlight and no flash, the green is rather dark in colour but still visible

 No sunlight and with strong camera flash, the green is very obvious and the gold/yellow inner rim fades out gently to the green colour and not in a weird blocky way

 I took this picture out in strong natural sunlight but in the shade. You can still see the green and gold of the lens quite clearly

On the bus in strong natural sunlight, the shade makes the green less visible but its still obvious enough.

I'm used to wearing fairly large lenses by now, so putting in these 16mm lenses weren't much of a challenge for me, though if this is your first circle lens, it maybe abit of a challenge putting it in considering their size and they're just a shade thicker then other lenses such as say, the Nudy series. 

I've worn these lenses out all day and so far, I've yet to find any discomfort with them, they're fabulously comfortable and the colours do not block my line of sight so I do forget that I am wearing them at times. The look it produces is quite doll-like so its perfect for dressing up though the enlargement and thick black outer rim does make rather obvious, so naturally I recommend wearing these lenses with fake lashes to balance the whole look.  


Comfort: 4.9/5 (nothing's perfect but this comes close)
Design: 4.5/5 (No way is it natural looking but it produces the doll-like look, & it's a dead ringer for Tsubasa's Bambi lenses)
Enlargement: 4.9/5 (it's huge, but still comfortably so)
On the whole: 4.5/5 

I truly love these lenses as firstly, they look incredibly similar to Tsubasa's Bambi lenses, secondly they are actually larger then Tsubasa's lenses by 1mm hence the increased enlargement resulting in an even dollier look, thirdly the colours are also more obvious and vibrant then Tsubasa's Bambi lenses. This is basically Tsubasa's lenses on crack haha!

Personally, I love that the lenses are obvious enough for cosplay purposes but the design makes it quite good for regular wear as compared to some of the other cosplay lenses I have that make me look like a dead fish without the proper makeup. Just remember that they are anything but natural looking though their comfort and design totally make up for it! 

P.S. Lens Village also has a facebook page, so you can follow them for updates & stuff. Check them out here !


  1. These are super cute and beautiful!!! :D

  2. these are so much more opaque compared to the bambi series. xo

    1. Yes! that's probably why the colour is more obvious

  3. wow, i love how bright the green is!

  4. Great review, I think this green is a little nicer and brighter than the "original" :D